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JEBL Solutions is a nationally respected technology consultancy that delivers sustainable results and substantial savings to our clients. Our team, made up of seasoned technology professionals including former Fortune 500 CIOs, holds a collective 120 years of corporate, consulting and audit experience.
We specialize in assisting a diverse range of companies, from Fortune 500 giants to small and mid-sized businesses, in crafting practical roadmaps to optimize costs and enhance operations. Our approach is rooted in active listening, collaborative work, and leveraging our expertise to help clients achieve their goals.

Save Money

The JEBL team brings together former CIOs and audit specialists with a shared passion for refining processes and maximizing resources. With our accumulated knowledge, we have consistently demonstrated our capability to realize substantial cost reductions in as short a span as 8-10 weeks.
Our distinctiveness lies in our pledge to provide a smooth and hassle-free journey for our clients, minimizing their required involvement. Through the strategic initiatives we implement, we not only promise but deliver consistent savings, averaging around 20%, propelling our clients towards financial prudence and prosperity.
Team Of Ex-cios, Audit Experts
Average Individual Savings Of 20 %
Savings In 8-10 Weeks
Minimal Customer Effort Required

Industries We Serve

Our client list covers a broad section of industries, including Healthcare, Retail, Finance, Distribution, Education, and more, covering small-to-midsize companies to Fortune 500.

From finding the appropriate cloud-based solutions to finding the right IT tools to streamline key processes, JEBL will work on your behalf to find efficiencies across your IT services.


JEBL works to find appropriate solutions that keep your data secure, enable IT solutions that support remote work, and achieve efficiencies by eliminating waste.


Gain efficiencies to ensure your connectivity will never go down and find the right automated solutions that optimize your customer’s shopping experience. JEBL Partners listens to your needs to find the right solution for your business.


Your technology investments impact more than your bottom line — they affect the patients that rely on you. JEBL’s zero-cost, risk-free process works for healthcare organizations of all sizes.


JEBL helps manufacturing clients save by eliminating outdated legacy systems and updating new services that increase efficiencies. Our expertise helps you secure optimal pricing from your current vendor or find another vendor.

Small To Midsize Business

JEBL provides expert consulting for growth-minded companies as you decide how and when to scale your business. Start with a to help save money and adapt to whatever the business landscape brings.

Develop Your It Roadmap

We Help You Determine The Right Plan For Future Investments.

JEBL Solutions recognizes the significant responsibility that comes with managing your IT budget, offering services that extend beyond mere product or service implementation. We begin with a thoughtful approach, engaging closely to understand your specific requirements and objectives. Once we determine a mutually beneficial partnership, we review your existing technology. Our risk-free audit evaluates your current technology investments, suggesting ways to reallocate valuable budget resources. Based on the audit’s outcomes, we will recommend whether your current technology can support your long-term goals.
Subsequently, we leverage our expertise and in-depth industry knowledge to implement your ideal solution, providing continuous guidance, service, and insight.

Start by determining if we are a good fit for partnership.


We evaluate your current technology (Point A) and determine your long-term goals (Point B).


We perform an inventory and audit and then present you with savings.


We suggest a plan to get you from Point A to Point B.


We put the plan into action.


We provide ongoing support and project management.

Trusted Partners

JEBL Solutions offers a suite of services, partnering with nearly 300 trusted technology providers to deliver optimal solutions tailored to your needs.

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