Healthcare IT Consulting: What to Expect

As the field of health information technology expands, it adds another layer to what was already a maze of complex patient care regulations, compliance, and legal requirements. Understanding and successfully navigating that maze is the difference between a highly successful organization ready to meet tomorrow’s technology challenges, and one that struggles with inefficient, ineffective, and costly software.The decisions you make for your healthcare organization today will have a dramatic and lasting impact on the health and safety of your patients and your company. Healthcare IT consulting services can help you find solutions that meet your needs. Here’s how the process works.


It might seem counterintuitive to hire a healthcare IT consultant to save money. In fact, you might think that doing it on your own will definitely be less expensive; but unless you have extensive experience in software procurement, it’s usually far less costly to hire a consultant and get it right the first time than to go it alone and pay for your mistakes later.

Healthcare IT consulting from JEBL Solutions begins with a comprehensive telecom audit of your existing system(s) and your specific needs from someone whose primary expertise is in healthcare. We’ll analyze your existing telecom bills and overall technology spending to find billing mistakes and determine if there are solutions you’re paying for but not using.

We’ll find immediate savings – and, often, credits owed to you by vendors – that you can repurpose toward upgrading existing healthcare technology or investing in new, more relevant solutions. You’ll get tailored recommendations that allow you to narrow down a list of vendors and find the exact right products and services.


The market for healthcare technology is vast, with thousands of vendors and tens of thousands of products. For healthcare executives and administrators already struggling to keep up with day-to-day operations, the prospect of properly evaluating thousands of vendors and comparing product offerings is overwhelming. If you don’t have any specific expertise in healthcare technology and don’t fully understand how various technologies can benefit your organization or practice, it can feel even more daunting.

Do you know the criteria to evaluate a healthcare technology vendor? It goes beyond just finding the right features or an affordable cost. A healthcare IT consultant like JEBL Solutions can help you examine:

  • Vendor reliability.
  • Security and compliance with regulations, including HIPAA.
  • User-friendliness to make your–  and your providers’ – jobs easier.
  • Clinical viability support for best practices in evidence-based medical care.
  • Ongoing customer support and service.


Healthcare organizations of all sizes that are interested in hiring a healthcare IT consultant, or learning more about how beneficial healthcare IT consulting can be, should contact (JEBL Solutions). Our expert consultants can help you understand healthcare IT consulting and how it will help your organization thrive in the digital age of medicine.

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